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Pickleball is a fast growing sport and there’s no question why — it’s fun, a great workout and almost anyone can pick it up quickly. What makes pickleball so interesting is that it seamlessly mixes a combination of tennis, badminton and ping pong, whereas there are aspects of the sport everyone can enjoy. Pickleball is played on a court that’s the same size as a badminton court, but made out of the same material as a tennis court. The net is also on the ground like in tennis, but it’s much lower. Pickleball is played with special paddles that are larger than ping pong paddles, but smaller than tennis racquets and typically made of aluminum and graphite. The ball is very similar to a wiffle ball, as it’s covered in small holes. ​


Although similar to tennis and badminton, pickleball is much

easier to learn. Most people pick it up quickly & effortlessly.

After a quick introduction you'll be jumping in on a friendly game. Pickleball surprisingly can require much less skill and athletic ability

than other racquet and court sports. Since the court is small, it’s easier to move around. Because of this, people of all ages & abilities can play. It is easily a very social sport with this diverse range of people and the intermixing of partners with each game. Hopping into a random game is a common practice in pickleball and makes for some super fun matches. Pickleball is a great way to get active and exercise without exhausting your body or your time. Since it’s less intense than other sports, injuries are much less common as well. ​


Here, in Iron County, we “LOVE” to play pickleball. How can you try it out? Indoor pickleball is from October-April or May at the Windsor Center. Outdoor play is from June-September or October at Nelson Field in Iron River.  With generous donations from individuals & businesses alike we are proud to be able to offer “FREE” play to everyone. Come play with our friendly group & give it a try.                            


Pickleball Schedule**




   612 W Adams St
     Iron River, Mi

Forest park school.jpg

     PLAY INDOOR         




Forest Park 



801 Forest Pkwy

Monday, Wednesday, Friday


Tuesday & Thursday



Use the TeamReach App to verify if the group is meeting.

RAIC Pickleball

Group Code:  Ironpickleball



Crystal Falls, Mi



Text 906-458-1006 to verify if the group is meeting.


Best Method to Join the Pickleball FUN!

                        "Like us” on FACEBOOK @raicsportz

                  For questions about our program please email:                                            

Click for video to learn more about our Pickleball Program.

Hello, it's Pickleball Fun Photos HERE!!!

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